Ever Googled your business looking to see where it’s showing up in the search results to only find you not appearing?

I think we have all done this at some point in our business marketing stages then we rack out brain as to what more can we do.

Do we need to blog more? Do we need another u-beaut plugin that offers amazing SEO results and get the little green light on our posts.

A large part of Google’s ranking algorithm and how well your website can rank for keywords in Google Search, is based on your website’s authority and trust. Powerful and high-quality backlinks increase your website’s authority this can be done via listing your business on authority sites (citation directories – see below)

The 3 local ranking factors affecting Google My Business are:

1. Relevance– how well the business listing matches what Google thinks the user is looking for. This includes geo-relevance (location).
2. Distance – obviously important for local search results
3. Prominance – basically how well are you known online and offline.

Online prominence I believe is the most important as it is determined by the information Google can gather about the company online. This can include links to the company from 3rd party sites, inclusion in relevant directories and articles about the company.

Also, your search engine rankings in relation to key terms are considered, which is why Google My Business best practices go hand in hand with solid SEO.

One more factor in prominence is your business’s review ranking and the number of reviews it has. A higher score and more reviews, naturally, means that you’re more likely to rise in the local rankings than not.

What is Citation Management and Voice Search Software?

Citation management and voice search software collect citations from various authority sources, organises them into a list of works cited. The voice component allows businesses to improve their SEO ranking and be continually optimised for organic search.

Managing all your listings in directory sites is a very time confusing and boring task. Enter a digital platform that manages all your store/business information updated in one hit. Authority listing directories include: Yelp, Google, Facebook, True Local, Bing and Yahoo to name just a few.

Then, adding in the voice search component in which Siri, Alexia can understand your business to push it back out to those who are searching for your business can be a little difficult. This comes back to the management of accurate data and information that we feed it.  The voice component allows businesses to improve their SEO ranking and be continually optimised for organic search.

This software integrates with more than 40 third-party platforms, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, and Facebook.

The technology manages all citations and locations from a single platform.

The 5 big benefits to your business using a citation management software are:

• Been seen on first page of Google results – without any additional spend on AdWords. Knock your competition out.
• 50 Geo targeted landing pages that load at lightening speed, built for voice search as well as optimised for SEO results, offering your business the first-mover advantage over competitors in the market.
• Be at the forefront of by utilising voice searches.
• No Google Ad spend required to appear on page one.
• 100% trackable and measurable reporting with the latest new lead generation for local businesses.

To learn more about this Citation Management and Voice search software book in for a discussion to see how this could benefit your businesses marketing strategy and begin to appear in the top Google My Business results.