How Much Does SEO Cost?

If you are asking yourself “How much does SEO cost?” this guide can help. Here is how you can make SEO fit into your marketing budget in 2023.



how much does SEO cost

At least 54% of small businesses have an allocated budget and most businesses will have an end-of-year budget in general. When deciding how to spend your EOY budget, think of what will take your business to new heights in the coming year. If you’re in business to serve your audience and to bring in the best return on your investments, you’ll need to do what you can to compete with other business owners who have already caught on to the most popular trend for increasing not just exposure but their earnings as well.
An SEO professional can enhance how often your business is seen, how it’s seen by search engines, and even affect the amount of work you will get. Keep in mind that businesses that have invested in SEO already have 50% of traffic on the internet which are sales that you are missing out on without a good SEO strategy. To find out how much SEO costs and how it will help to optimize your business, keep reading.


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Benefiting Businesses: How SEO Does It

What’s odd is that there is still a significant number of businesses that haven’t tapped into the benefits of SEO. There are 70% of businesses don’t have an SEO strategy and while every company may have its reasons for not doing so, this is hurting their chances of exposure and digital expansion.
Oftentimes, small business owners find the concept to be difficult to follow or aren’t sure where to start with SEO implementation. This is where an SEO professional comes in so that you don’t have to do it on your own. Search engine optimization is a way to enhance your business, your reputation, your ROI, and the chances that you have as a company.

Aside from that, there are a few other advantages you can look forward to from SEO services as well such as;


Acts as a Support System for Your Marketing Campaigns

SEO is a long-term marketing enhancer. It’s a way to center yourself in front of your audience whether you are actively trying or not.
After implementing your strategy, your site will pop up when your audience is actively looking for particular services or products. This means less work and worries for you in the long run.



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how much does SEO Cost in 2023

If You’re a Local Business, Get Ready to Start Ranking in Your Area

Did you know that at least 97% of internet users searched online to find businesses locally? This means that if you’re a local business and you’re online but you aren’t prioritizing SEO, your competitors that are, are getting customers that could’ve been yours.

Internal linking helps to increase the exposure you have in your area. This is so that when potential customers are typing in “near me”, your services are more likely to pop up at the top of search results.


Increases Overall Exposure

What do you get from SEO services? The simple answer is better visibility and more business. Effective SEO strategies will put the content you make in front of the people that are more likely to purchase your products or services.

It’s an organic way to convert clicks into actual purchases. Also, business owners will experience an increase in customer trust.

The credibility of your business will also increase. Keep in mind that there is only a 0.63% chance that searchers on Google will click on your link from the second page. This means you don’t want to rank on any page but the first and an SEO professional can help you achieve that.


It’s Trackable and That’s Important for Your Businesses Future

Quantifiable results give you usable metrics that can help guide your business decision-making process. With SEO, you can tell how your website and your content are ranking compared to others. This can put you ahead of the competition.
This is possible by giving you visible data to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and other outreach efforts. Having the option for monthly reporting and analytics set up from an SEO campaign is an investment in itself.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

So, how much does SEO cost? SEO prices vary and it will depend on what you need and what you hope to accomplish. Basic SEO plans typically include costs that could range anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour for basic strategic SEO packages or assistance.
For larger projects, the price may also reflect the size and range between $2,500 and $10,000. Realize though that many agencies offer custom packages because every project and business is unique. The best way to determine what you need and the price for it would be to have a consultation with an on-page SEO expert.
SEO is worth it when results are driven and that’s the main reason for working with an agency that knows how SEO works and how to implement it. With business today, this type of traffic-generating opportunity is vital, especially depending on the industry you’re in and the pool of top players in your industry. About 53.3% of online traffic is organic and 60% of marketing professionals say that the leads they see that are of the highest quality are generated from SEO.
This makes it worth it to invest in SEO and increase the organic exposure of your business by such a large percentage. This is especially true during peak seasons depending on the business you have. Also realize, that you will see significant savings from an initial SEO implementation cost in comparison to fees associated with paid advertisements.

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What an SEO Professional Does

SEO specialists focus on keyword research. They also work to identify specific tactics and techniques to help business owners get the most visitors to their websites.
They specialize in making your company a high-ranking option on search engine results pages. If you want to expand your business and the way customers reach you, regardless of your physical location, if you have one, an SEO Professional will be an essential member of your team.

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Growing Your Look and Your Profit

Businesses without SEO might as well be fully offline as these businesses are preventing themselves from having access to half of all internet users.

Search engines and the help of Social Domination can put your business on the map – online.
However, without the right strategy, search engines won’t know how to place your advertisements.
Working with an SEO professional will help place your business in front of viewers the right way, the first time, with no work on your part.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s place your business where it deserves to be, on the first page.