Google Business Profile are a free tool from Google that helps business owners manage their online presence across the search engine and it includes google maps and search.

It is especially important local business strategy as it connects those searching online to local businesses who offer the what the search is looking for – user intent.

GBP listings are also a great way to leverage a location based strategy as when you create a listing a new map location is created.

When someone is searching for a service nearby in the local search it will show a lot of business information which in turn can influence the searchers decision to visit the website, phone or ask for directions for eg:

* Business hours
* Business address
* Reviews
* Customer photos

To have an effective local SEO strategy a GMB listing will add a lot of value.

Google Business Profile Basics To Create A Better Listing

When creating a listing be sure to complete every section available.

google my business

Here are 9 basics steps to complete Google Business Profile:

1. Business name makes sure this is exactly how you have it on your website and other entities on the net.
2. Don’t use suburbs or places in your business name unless that is the actual name of your business.
3. Business operating hours keep up to date and add holidays.
4. Include keywords in the business description.
5. Add photos – Businesses with photos on their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on maps and 35% more clicks to their website.
6. Reviews Start collecting and responding to every review as this will illustrate that your business values its customer’s feedback. Positive reviews are going to have a positive effect on potential customers when researching your business
7. Messages enable these by using the GMB app on a phone or device, another great way people can interact with your business.
8. Add posts on a regular basis you can publish events, products and services these let you engage with your audience and keep your presence fresh on Google.
9. Monitor your listings weekly insights will tell you total searches, phone calls, clicks to the website, direction requests, discovery searches and a lot more.

10. New – Add social profiles to your listing

Remember, a Google business profile will compliment a brand’s already existing website by giving it a public identity and presence with a listing on Google. This information will appear in search and maps.

Super Juice Your Google Business Profiles Listing With Localised Landing Pages

Lastly, there is one more way you can super juice up your Google My Business to push your business up into the top 3 local pack rankings is by creating localised landing pages on your website.

local map pack

If your business services various areas by have a dedicated suburb page with keywords/services on your website this will power house the relevancy and proximity of your Google My Business listing.

A landing page is a single page website that is designed for a specific goal in mind. Another way to look at it is that a landing page is a destination, or somewhere people ‘land’ where the only purpose is to convert the visitor.

With content designed for one goal, landing pages are perfect for marketing campaigns.

Landing Page vs. website – what is really the difference?

When it comes to a landing page vs. website, landing pages are not meant for exploration and options for the visitor like a website is. Instead, there is a clear single purpose for the site. Event sign up, special offer purchase, demo booking, or whatever your campaign calls for can be that single purpose or specific landing page goal.

The reason the visitor is there, or the visitor intent, is the main difference between a landing page and website. With that understanding, the type and amount of content matters.

Businesses can also leverage landing pages to improve their local search strategy. With each landing page optimised for one keyword (short or long-tail) and potentially one location, landing pages can take up valuable space on search engine results pages.

Local search is all about being found around the business. Landing pages that are optimised for the geographic location are more likely to rank with Google’s increasing focus on proximity. That’s why landing pages can become a pillar in a business’ lead generation strategy. The high conversion rate and specific nature of landing pages are something businesses should not be ignoring.

See below image from our dashboard how a localised landing page can rank for keywords for a local plumber.

google my business optimisation services

Actual results from our dashboard.

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